H¹O Is A Powerful Way

To Keep Inflammation At Bay

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it’s time to try something new.

Give your skin a revitalizing boost you can feel good about – with the newly introduced H¹O! 

H¹O is an all-natural, dermatologist-tested formula that is so gentle on your skin yet incredibly powerful in the fight against skin inflammation. 

H¹O is vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and caffeine-free.

 Made with no animal by-products and no artificial colors.

100% natural hydroxide concentrate in an Aloe base.

No artificial flavors or preservatives.

Healthy, glowing, and moisturized skin starts with H¹O!

  • H¹O is an organic formula that helps reduce puffy eyes, rashes, and awkward blemishes.
  • Alleviates red, itchy, scaly, and dry skin related to skin inflammation. 
  • Feel confident using it on your little ones for diaper rashes and itchy moles.
  • An organic alternative to soothe mosquito bites, bee stings, poison ivy, and sunburns.

Scientifically-proven. Dermatologist trusted.

  • Combats itchy and annoying skin irritability from psoriasis.
  • Heals the bumpy red patches on your skin from eczema.
  • Provides rapid relief for aftershave irritation and minor burns
  •  Softens the impact from heat rashes.

An effective weapon in the fight against skin inflammation.

How H¹O Gel Works


Apply it to the affected area

The Gel works fast on your skin by creating new water molecules. It hydrates the skin cells to send a steady flow of oxygen to the cells that really need it.

Quickly eliminates skin irritations

The body’s inflammation responses are quieted, leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated with hydration.

It opens up your pores

The detox pathways are primed. Your pores are opened up. And all the remaining bacteria that cause rashes and irritations are flushed out safely.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Since being introduced to Secur, not only has it made a huge difference in my and my family’s lives, we’ve seen it work for countless friends and family members. The product is amazing and absolutely works!

Layne L.

The gel in and of itself has been a game changer. I have used it on sunburns, scrapes and cuts. I use the gel every day as part of my skin care routine. These products go above and beyond what other products have done for me in the past.

Michelle S.

It is exciting to see the continued health benefits that develop from Secur’s increasing hydration and lowering inflammation in my body.

Amber A.


What is the H¹O Gel made of?

It is 100% natural consisting of hydroxide concentrate in an Aloe base with the organic orange and lemon essential oils added. There is no alcohol or other preservatives. Nothing artificial is added. Our hydroxide comes from limestone, making it completely natural.

How do you use the Gel?

It’s very straight forward to follow. Just apply a decent amount of the Gel to the affected area several times daily as needed or as directed by your health care professional. You don’t need to cover the area with gauze and you don’t have to rinse it off between applications. It can easily be used under a make-up foundation if desired. And it goes without saying, but avoid contact with the eyes. If contact does occur, flush your eyes with water for several minutes.

When to use the H¹O Gel when working out?

The H¹O Gel does a phenomenal job at promoting endurance for longer workouts and faster recovery to help your body heal when exercising. Rub it on the affected areas before and after your workouts to give your body an assist to perform at its best. 

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