CorVive Transformation League

The Challenge

How do you make an MLM business palatable to the general public? We were addressed with taking a direct sales challenge in ensuring the general public that CorVive is not your typical MLM pyramid scheme. Our approach was simple, give anyone the chance to join as a customer and interact with the brand.

The Scope

A program that helps people lose weight, or gain muscle, or develop healthy habits to improve their life.

The development of the 45-day CorVive Transformation League (CTL) was our way to introduce people to their incredible products, the awesome corporate culture, and a include bit of friendly competition to make it interesting.


  • Web-based Program Platform
  • Automated Email/SMS Communication
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Weekly Progress Tracking
  • Workout Video Series
  • Graphic Design
  • Blog/Copywriting


  • 30 Days

The Results

The best part – the program was developed, scheduled, and set into motion so by the time the program launched, the corporate and marketing team had the freedom to keep their eyes on the future efforts.

The CTL introduced nearly 1,000 new customers to CorVive.

The CTL introduced nearly 1,000 new customers to CorVive, an achievement that crushes any prior effort. This equated to an immediate six-figure boost in business, and the opportunity to convert many of the new customers to subscription clients, resulting in over $1mm in new business.

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