The Story of Crux Cigars

This is a visual guide of our relationship with Crux Cigars from inception to now. The project began with a rebrand and packaging design and since has morphed into a complete marketing overhaul of the brand.

The Scope

Everything you could see, touch, or interact with the Crux Cigars name on it needed a revamp.

It also needed to happen within 7 months, when the industry trade show kicked off in Las Vegas. Cigar labels: An all new look at the band that utilizes the beauty of the tobacco leaf as a central part of the design. Coined as the ‘bikini band,’ Crux is the creator and industry standout for this unique outlook. Cigar 5 Packs: From paper wrapped to a reusable telescoping 5 pack. The soft touch, spot UV, and embossing creates a one-of-a-kind experience for cigar smokers. Cigar boxes: Colorful boxes that actually educate the customer and retailer about the flavor profiles and what to expect give a refreshing approach to displaying in brick & mortar retailers nationwide.


  • Packaging
    • Labels
    • Boxes
    • 5 Packs
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Trade Show Collateral
  • Web Design


  • 7 Months
OLD Brand

The previous branding of Crux Cigars was dated, bland, and nearly illegible.

New Brand

We took a modern clean approach with vibrant colors to help pop off the shelves.

Watch Artisans: the story of a Crux cigar from seed to stick.

The Results

Our team came in on time and under budget for the project. During the launch at the Trade Show, Crux was awarded with Best Booth award, against 250 other manufacturers.

Increased Cigar Sales, Refreshed Brand, Awarded Best Trade Show

Since launch, the new look and feel has seen a substantial growth in business. Specific retailers nationally have reopened accounts and their top retailer has reported a 300% increase in their Crux Cigars sales over 1 year later.
man holding CRUX cigar pack
man smoking CRUX cigar
assorted CRUX cigar holder
CRUX cigars on white background in box and packing
CRUX cigar bull and bear in box
assorted CRUX cigar holder
man smoking CRUX cigar
CRUX cigars on white background in box and packing
man holding CRUX cigar pack

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