The Outbreak of COVID-19

The Challenge

When a Frisco, TX based cigar lounge was given a warning by Texas Governor Greg Abbott that their industry-leading cigar lounge and retail business would be closed down for anything that was not curbside pickup, we acted quickly.

The warning was given on a Monday that business was to close by Wednesday. This gave our team 3 days to devise a plan, implement the marketing, install program changes, and pivot an entire business model.

The Scope

eComm Website Build, complete with product photography and description writing for all products

On top of the build, we achieved an eCommerce platform that integrated seamlessly with their POS inventory system, so the retailer did not need to double count inventory on their 15,000+ cigars. Once the eCommerce platform was in build, we set out to introduce a new product to the market based on our situation.
We developed “CRS Packs” (Cigars Ready to Smoke). These pre-built 5-packs changed weekly and the company’s owners shared the weekly packs on an interactive live broadcast across all major platforms.Front to back, the new product creation, eCommerce website build with copywriting, photography, and promotion schedule took just shy of 3 days.


  • Ecomm Web Site
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Promotion Schedule


  • 72 Hours
industrial cigars e-commerce website layout

Ecommerce Website

A fully automated website that tied into the shop's POS system.


Copywriting for all product descriptions, product pages, and blog content creation.


Original photos for all web pages, categories, and products.

The Results

Not only have they seen growth in their walk-in and long-term customers; but Industrial Cigar Co. now generates substantial revenue from their eCommerce platform, creating a lasting improvement from a short-term fix.

Industrial Cigar Co. shut down the very same day our solution launched.

The employees previously focused on hospitality, switched their focus to eCommerce and inventory. The revenue results were staggering and more importantly, not one employee lost their job during the COVID-19 shutdown.
Average new customers jumped from 3 per week to over 12 per week. The average ticket price moved from $38 to over $66, a 57% increase in average sale. Echo this with an additional 35-65 NEW transactions per day, and it resulted in a business that successfully pivoted in a crisis time. The new customers have become regulars and members, and credit the efforts as the reason they were introduced to ICC.
Industrial Cigar Co. is now currently seeking the construction of a standalone destination cigar lounge to begin construction in 2021 and potentially be known as the world’s leader in the cigar experience.


Ticket Sale Increase


New Sales / Day


New Customers / Day
industrial cigar co logo on plack
1 week quarantine kit CRS- cigars ready to smoke 10 cigars

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